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Is a Standing Desk A Good Idea?

There has been a lot of discussion on the internets recently about the idea that excessive sitting is bad for your health. For example, a widely circulated article from the New York Times asked whether sitting is a “lethal activity.” The concern is based on several studies that have shown that the number of hours spent sitting per day is a risk factor for a wide variety of …

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Posture and Mood: A Two Way Street

You may have noticed that your mood can affect your posture. For example, if you are feeling depressed, defeated, or submissive, you may slump. If you are feeling proud, confident or dominant, your chest may rise and you may get taller. So it should be obvious that your emotional state will reflect itself in your […]

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Three Essential Elements of Good Posture

In a previous post I wrote about several common misconceptions about posture. In this post I’ll try to explain some essential functional elements of good posture that are often overlooked and give some creative ways to work toward them. Good posture defined Good posture should meet several conditions. First, it should be efficient, i.e. let […]

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Five Misconceptions About Posture

As a rolfer, I see many people who tell me they are working on their posture.  Most of them are already in the process of applying some questionable advice from various gurus or experts.  This post summarizes some of the major misconceptions people seem to have about posture. Bad Idea #1: Bad Posture Is A […]

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Back Pain Myths: Posture, Core Strength, Bulging Discs

Problem? It is an article of faith among many mainstream experts that poor posture, lack of core strength, and/or structural abnormalities such as bulging discs are major causes of pain, especially back pain.  A further assumption is that by working to correct such imbalances, through stretching or strengthening regimes, or surgery, the imbalances can be […]

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