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The Limits of Imagination

If you can dream it you can do it! Well, according to a recent study, maybe not so much, at least when your dream is to rehabilitate an arm weakened by stroke.

I have written several times on this blog about how imagery and visualization can be used to build coordination and physical skills. For example . . .

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More on Pain and Illusions

One of the main themes of this blog is that therapies attempting to treat chronic pain should target the brain for change, not just the body. Some recent studies based around sensory tricks or illusions provide further compelling evidence in support of this idea. 1. Big hand, small pain In the first study, researchers placed […]

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The Rubber Hand Illusion

Neuroscience is to some extent an exercise in reverse engineering the brain. Reverse engineering means trying to understand how a complex device works without knowledge of its design or access to the owner’s manual. One of the basic tools of reverse engineering is to disable one part of the machine and then see what effect […]

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The Thermal Grill Illusion

Body Map Error On this blog I frequently discuss the idea that pain can sometimes be caused by the brain’s faulty perception of the body as opposed to actual tissue damage to the body. Put another way, errors in the way the brain maps the body can cause threat which causes pain, even when there […]

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